Webinar (Moderated & Live) Courses

For the first time, Garner teaches all 50 sections of his classic text over 10 weekly sessions. In each session, you’ll work through exercises designed to sharpen your analytical and writing skills. You’ll learn the primary tools and techniques to make the most of your abilities. With Garner’s tips and your dedication, you’ll find yourself succeeding at challenging writing projects and enjoying your work as never before.

Noon–1:00 p.m. CST
$199 per seminar–or $999 for all ten

*No make-up classes.

$199 per seminar–or $999 for all ten

LawProse Policy on CLE Credit

LawProse web seminars are approved for CLE credit in most states where allowed. A few states don’t yet approve web seminars. Please check with your state bar to see whether web seminars qualify. We have a live moderator at each session.

We are an accredited CLE provider in California, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New York (hybrid accreditation), and Texas. As an accredited provider, we will report attendance in Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Please check with your state bar for its rules on CLE credits for self-study programs. Attorneys seeking Pennsylvania credit are not required to pass the tests within each program. Missouri limits self-paced CLE credits to six per year.

Group Discounts

Discounts are available for groups viewing a webinar using one computer connection. When one participant pays the full list price, each additional registrant will receive a discounted price. For more information call LawProse at 214-691-8588 or e-mail info@lawprose.org.

Please note that the list price is for the purchase of an individual license for a single viewing by a single viewer. You may purchase additional discounted sub-licenses by contacting us at 214-691-8588. We ask for your cooperation in protecting our intellectual-property rights. It is our pleasure to help direct you to any particular course topic you are looking for, to discuss group pricing, and to answer any other questions you may have. Thank you.