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“An excellent presentation. It was informative, it kept me awake and interested, and I learned in the process. I wish I could spend more time in this type of seminar.” — Ruth Sovronsky, New York

“Greatly needed class — especially for the legal profession. I loved his humor.” — Isabella Alasti, Department of Toxic Substances Control, Los Angeles

“Informative and entertaining. Mr. Garner‘s presentation is straightforward and precise. The program was a good investment of my time.” — Alex Khoury, Hunton & Williams, Atlanta

“Better than I expected, and I came in with high expectations.” — Nate Coppernoll, Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker, Atlanta

“This CLE exceeded my expectations. Mr. Garner energizes legal writing, which is no easy task.” — Alisha Huls, Gallop Johnson & Neuman, St. Louis

“Bryan took a dry subject that most lawyers dread and made me excited to return to my office to start writing.” — Don Crawford, Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker, Atlanta

“Everything is beneficial. This has been the most useful legal workshop that I‘ve ever attended.” — Shanell Parrish-Brown, KeySpan Corporation, New York

“The lecture was excellent and very entertaining.” — Justin Ruggieri, Tucson

“This is a fantastic course that brings lawyers back to the real world of prose.” — Ray Goodwin, Cary, N.C.

“I think Bryan is a very impressive presenter, as well as a great teacher. His humor adds much life to what generally is regarded as a rather dry subject.” — Donna Peavler, Dallas

“I thought the seminar was fabulous! He covered so much information in such a short period!” — Jen Blackburn, Troutman Sanders, Atlanta

“Bryan was funny and engaging. He should give seminars on how to give seminars!” — Jim Pikl, Dallas

“It is always a treat to hear Bryan. I always come away enthusiastic and full of new ideas and resolve.” — Linda McDowell, Michigan Attorney General‘s Office

“This was probably the most useful and entertaining CLE I have attended.” — Jason Grech, Atlanta

“Bryan dispelled many myths about the dos and dont‘s of writing. I‘m confident my writing skills will improve dramatically because of this course.” — J. Kelso Lindsay, Bergkuist Bergkuist & Carter, San Diego

“This program provides an excellent overview of the most typical problems found in modern legal writing. It also explains the added power and persuasiveness that can be gained by making what seem to be relatively minor changes in one‘s writing.” — Sarah E. Heineman, Detroit

“All was helpful. Bryan teaches with real enthusiasm — and it‘s contagious!” — Moseley Collins, El Dorado Hills, California

“Excellent — I would come again! His love for language is infectious!” — Mike Bulson, Utah Legal Services, Ogden, Utah

“Wonderful seminar. Very engaging, practical — real world. Excellent.” — Jody Moore, Oxnard, California

“I am not an attorney — I am a CPA — but I do write tax memos. I found every word of the seminar to be useful in analyzing my own writing skills and tone. This course is useful for anyone who writes analytically and persuasively in their careers.” — Jason Heckel, Ernst & Young, Seattle

“I would and will recommend this class to everyone.” — Steven R. Wedeking, San Diego