Better Punctuation for Lawyers

Better Punctuation for Lawyers

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Participants take a diagnostic 61-question punctuation quiz in which they’re asked to select the correct answer from two possibilities. The quiz will test your knowledge of the conventions regarding commas, colons, quotation marks, semicolons, and all the other punctuation marks—focusing on the principles that are followed in the highest echelons of edited English. Professor Garner takes you through each item in the quiz, explaining the rule that leads to the correct answer in a way that reinforces your knowledge of punctuation. If you’re uncertain in the beginning, Professor Garner will immediately show you how to achieve a greater command of punctuation in short order; if you’re skilled, you’ll undoubtedly find some new refinements of which you were unaware—and have fun doing it. The course materials include a complete restatement of the principles of punctuation, showing all the rules that govern English usage.

Professor Garner is not only the acclaimed author of The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style (which elucidates all the rules of English punctuation), but he is also regarded as one of the most accomplished grammarians of the English language, being the author of Garner’s Modern American Usage and of Chapter 5 (Grammar and Usage) of The Chicago Manual of Style.

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