Advanced Legal Drafting

Advanced Legal Drafting

For transactional lawyers in particular, but also interested litigators, Professor Garner offers a one-day seminar devoted entirely to drafting contracts and other transactional documents (including settlement agreements). This seminar will help even the most experienced drafters improve their contracts and other legal instruments—both stylistically and substantively. Highlights of the course include:

  • How to avoid the most commonly litigated ambiguities.
  • How to structure complex contractual provisions to make them more readable.
  • How the canons of construction affect the meaning of certain types of sentences.
  • Why it’s important to edit inherited forms—even recommended ones—for clarity and accuracy.
  • When to use shall, when to use must, and when to use will—words that frequently bring grief to drafters.
  • How to revise a contract with a proven step-by-step method.

Although the main focus is on various types of contracts—such as commercial leases, loan documents, and license agreements—we can, depending on your needs, shift the focus to other areas, such as legislative drafting or securities-disclosure documents.

LawProse Policy on In-House CLE Credit

Under state-bar rules, the hosting group is the proper applicant for CLE accreditation. We will supply you with the necessary attachments CLE applications require.

Read for yourself what people are saying about Advanced Legal Drafting seminar in their evaluations:

What was really helpful? Why?

  • “Bryan asks and then answers the questions we as attorneys have about various contractual provisions but could never get a clear answer.”
  • “The information is so specific, it can be readily implemented in practice.”
  • “His examples of what could go wrong because it shows the real-life consequences of bad drafting.”
  • “Helpful tips on eliminating redundancies, legalese, and verbosity. It will elevate my writing style, increasing overall cohesiveness. I especially liked the outlining principles.”
  • “Everything! I appreciate all of the examples and book recommendations.”
  • “The style and definitions of the use of certain words. It’s so nice to see a legal professional that sees it’s too damn wordy out there!”
  • “Going through the examples and working first individually before reviewing altogether.”
  • “The course, presentation, and presenter provided me with a new perspective on something as basic as writing.”
  • “The walk-through of editing a document at the end of the book was helpful.”
  • “Everything!”
  • “The emphasis on organization helped me understand the importance of negative space in a document.”
  • “Helped clarify why I was frustrated reading standard drafts of documents.”
  • “The materials were very clear and well-organized. Love the golf analogies!! Overall, the presentation was engaging and very educational.”
  • “The in-class exercises and examples really helped to drive home the points being discussed. I loved that the course materials are interactive in themselves.”
  • “Practical advice that can be applied immediately. The right amount of substantive content.”
  • “Everything because so few people in the legal profession think about writing or drafting the way Mr. Garner does.”
  • “Examples were extremely helpful. Sometimes, at first glance, the problems did not stand out. Going through the examples made them more clear.”
  • “I doubt that I will attend another CLE as helpful and engaging as this one for a long time.”
  • “This course forces the lawyer to rethink the habitual methods and language of legal documents. Brings us back to the basics. Always enjoyable to hear Mr. Garner’s entertaining style.”
  • “Actual examples and ability to see these principles in action.”
  • “All of the material was helpful. Method for editing and emphasis on style of documents was particularly good.”
  • “Straightforward concrete strategies for improving writing. And Bryan provided strategies for implementing ongoing improvements.”
  • “Makes you realize how important not just following form documents is!”
  • “the samples and opportunity to practice.”

What could you have done without? Why?

  • “Nothing. Everything was relevant.”
  • “Nothing.”
  • “Everything was great!”
  • “The lecture was concise and informative. Every part was useful. I wouldn’t cut any portion.”
  • “The chocolate-chip cookie.”
  • “It was all

What would you tell your colleagues about this course?

  • “Highly recommended!”
  • “Very useful and inspiring. If more lawyers took this approach to drafting, practice would be more enjoyable.”
  • “Take it immediately … or as soon as possible.”
  • “I would recommend it to my senior colleagues especially.”
  • “Take this course, it is well worth it.”
  • “Take it.”
  • “It should be required for all lawyers.”
  • “Great course for all levels of drafting experience.”
  • “All should be required to attend!”
  • “I will insist our entire office take this training!”
  • “A must for all attorneys.”
  • “Go to every one of these offered and then go back again every few years.”
  • “His course book will be on my desk all the time”
  • “Really helpful, educational class. Very entertaining, too. Bryan has a great teaching style.”
  • “Anyone in the legal field must be required to take this course.”
  • “Go. Don’t ask questions, just trust me and go.”
  • “It was one of the most practical and enjoyable courses I’ve ever taken! Bryan has a great sense of humor.”
  • “To take it. Best course that I have ever taken.”
  • “Please, god, let my bosses take this class!!”
  • “All attorneys should attend this course even if their practices center on litigation.”
  • “That it is helpful for both transactional attorneys and litigators.”
  • “If you are truly interested in refining your writing skills, this course is a must.”
  • GO!!
  • “This course will challenge you to rethink writing, style, and delivery.”
  • “First really practical, useful continuing-education course I’ve taken! Every new lawyer should take it to help avoid bad habits to start.”
  • “That they should come so they stop telling me to change ‘must’ to ‘shall.’ Excellent course!”
  • “Eye-opening course needed by anyone who drafts contracts. Truly enjoyed Bryan’s personality in his presentation.”
  • “This is a must-attend course for anyone who drafts (or negotiates) contracts of any sort.”
  • “Very worthwhile use of my time.”
  • “Great course for foundation and organization and to learn skills for drafting.”
  • “It is worthwhile to all, but especially young associates.”
  • “To take it!”
  • “The course inspires me to do better and try to improve my writing by using the course materials, reading authoritative works on writing, and practicing good writing.”
  • “A must-attend CLE—every attorney who drafts contracts should attend.”
  • “It is important and useful in the good practice of transactional law.”
  • “The seminar was extraordinary! Any legal writer dedicated to the profession must experience the seminar at least once.”