Self-Paced Online Seminars

Questions about our Self-Paced Online Seminars.

Where do I go to access my self-paced online seminars?
Please go to to access your e-learning account.
What’s my username and password for the e-learning site?
Your username is the e-mail address you used to register your e-learning account. You can retrieve your password by clicking the Forgot Your Password link.
What are the technical requirements to run this self-paced online seminar?
Step-by-Step Instructions and Troubleshooting
What time do the self-paced online seminars begin?
Any time! That’s the luxury of the self-paced programs, you take them when you want to.
How long is each self-paced online seminar?
One hour from start to finish. Some of our self-paced online seminars come with course materials that include a test that should be finished before the video begins. That adds some time to the program depending on how quickly you complete the tests.
How long do I have to watch the video?
You’ll have 12 hours from the time you start the video.
Can I rewatch it over and over?
No. Each video has a one-play license.
Can I have other people watch with me?
Sure. We’re delighted that you’d like to host other people to watch the program with you. All additional viewers will each need an additional-viewer license. You can purchase these on our e-learning site when you purchase your primary license. The tuition for each additional viewer ranges between $25 to $99 per person for each session. You can also call us to handle payment (214-691-8588) or e-mail us ( and we can send you an invoice for you to pay by check.
Is there a discounted tuition for government and nonprofits?
Alas, no.
Where are the course materials?
You’ll receive the course materials in the self-paced online seminar module. When you access the program, another screen will pop up. Within that, there is an index tree to the left sidebar with the course materials loaded as a PDF. Some of the newer programs have their course materials under Additional Resources.
Do I need audio to watch the program?
Yes. The video has Professor Garner speaking. Sound would be good.
Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the self-paced program?
Occasionally, yes. Sometimes there is a quiz or test as part of the course materials. Otherwise, no, there’s nothing else you need to do.
Can I get CLE credit for the self-paced online seminars?
Yes. Our self-paced online seminars are approved for 1 hour each in Texas. Also, we are accredited providers in Pennsylvania and California. If you’d like credit in another state, you can use the certificate of attendance you receive after the webinar and the course description from our website and submit it to your state Bar. You can also check your state Bar websites to see if you can get credit through these states listed (New York is a good example of multiple-jurisdiction approval).
Do I get a certificate of attendance after the program?
Yes. After you finish the seminar, complete any steps listed for accreditation (including entering a code word). The e-learning system will generate a certificate for your account with an option to print it out.
What requirements are there in order to earn course completion?
Viewing the course in its entirety (watching each module completely) will give the course a completed status.
Can I have a copy of the PowerPoint after the program?
It depends on the program and the course materials. If there is a PowerPoint included, it is in the index tree in the left sidebar.
How do I get into the self-paced online seminar?
Please log into your e-learning account at to get to the login page. The seminar is listed under your My Courses page.
What’s my username and password for the e-learning site?
Your username is the e-mail address you used to register your e-learning account. You can retrieve you password by clicking the Forgot Your Password link
After a course is completed, can another course be purchased at a later date?
We will be more than happy to assist you with an additional purchase.
After I buy a seminar, how long does my subscription to that course last?
The subscription period for that self-paced online seminar is one month.
Can I view my courses from both my work and my home computer?
You can take the seminar from any computer simply by logging into your e-learning account.
Who is a primary-license holder and who is an additional viewer?
E-learning Site Licensing Options