Making Your Case

Bryan Garner

This seminar is based on Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges, the 2008 book by Justice Antonin Scalia and Bryan A. Garner. Drawing on copious literature — the recorded thoughts of great lawyers throughout history — the book systematically answers the age-old question: How do effective advocates persuade courts to decide cases in favor of their clients?

The seminar examines 115 enduring principles divided into four broad categories. Participants learn:

  • How valuable the general principles of argumentation are, especially how critical it is to concentrate your fire and control the semantic playing field
  • How to use the age-old principles of syllogistic reasoning to build a compelling argument
  • How to organize your brief-writing project, know the best approaches for each part of the brief, and employ effective writing skills to create a product that will interest — not repel — judges
  • How to prepare for and succeed at the lectern by knowing your case forward and backward and by appreciating the opportunity that questioning gives you to engage judges in conversation

The seminar includes a hardbound copy of Making Your Case, which will be a valuable reference long after the seminar is over.

YouTube Video - Making Your Case

YouTube Video - Awarding Justice Scalia the Lifetime Achievement Award

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