New York Times article: Keep the Briefs Brief, Literally

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Tours of public seminars feature Advanced Legal Writing & Editing, Winning Oral Argument, and Drafting Better Contracts in the spring, and The Winning Brief and Legal Writing in Plain English in the summer, and Advanced Legal Writing & Editing and Making Your Case in the fall.

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  • LawProse live web seminars are approved for CLE credit in most states where allowed. A few states don’t yet approve web seminars. Please check with your state bar to see whether web seminars qualify.

  • We are accredited CLE providers in California, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New York (hybrid accreditation), and Texas. As accredited providers, we will report attendance in Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, and Texas.

  • Discounts are available for groups viewing a live webinar using one computer connection. When one participant pays the full list price, each additional registrant pays just $50. You can register your group by calling LawProse at 214-691-8588 or e-mailing

  • Group and multi-program discounts are also available for both live webinars and self-paced on-demand programs. The discounts apply to groups with at least three participants or registrations for at least three courses. Please contact LawProse for more information.