Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day: simulcast / simulcast / simulcast.

simulcast / simulcast / simulcast.

So inflected — e.g.:

o “TNT . . . actually produced the game broadcast that Channel 56 simulcasted [read ‘simulcast’].” Howard Manly, “Ratings Points, Few for Style,” Boston Globe, 16 Sept. 1997, at C7.

o “‘Kickoff’ will be simulcasted [read ‘simulcast’] on Channel 13 and Home Team Sports.” Milton Kent, “With New Kids on NFL Block, Fox Pregame in for Showdown,” Baltimore Sun, 4 Sept. 1998, at D2.

o “MSNBC, which simulcasted [read ‘simulcast’] much of NBC News’ impeachment coverage, averaged a 1.0 rating for the day (455,000 households).” “It’s Good News for Networks,” Hollywood Rptr., 23 Dec. 1998, at 5-1.

Language-Change Index — *"simulcasted" for past-tense ‘simulcast’: Stage 1.

Quotation of the Day: “The proper method for studying poetry and good letters is the method of contemporary biologists, that is careful first-hand examination of the matter, and continual comparison of one ‘slide’ or specimen with another.” Ezra Pound, ABC of Reading 17 (1934).

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