Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day: respect.


The phrases “with respect to” and “in respect of” are usually best replaced by single prepositions. E.g.:

o “Clinton . . . has continued to enjoy stronger support from women than men even with respect to [read ‘in’] the Paula Jones case.” Susan Estrich, “Will Clinton Stoop to Conquer?” Denver Post, 5 June 1997, at B11.

o “Notices stating the action taken in respect of [read ‘against’ or ‘on’] each licensee have been placed on the Consumer Credit Public Register.” “Mortgage Lenders Warned by OFT,” Fin. Times, 29 June 1995, at 8.

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Quotation of the Day:“If you pick up a book by Wallace Stevens, or E.E. Cummings, or Hart Crane, or James Joyce, or Gertrude Stein, or Edith Sitwell, or T.S. Eliot as a poet, and read a page innocently, the first feeling you will have is that the author isn’t telling you anything. . . . He is unfriendly. He seems to be playing by himself, and offering you, somewhat incidentally, the opportunity to look on.” Max Eastman, “Literature in an Age of Science” (1933), in The Writer and His Craft 16, 20-21 (Roy W. Cowden ed., 1956).

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